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Inside The Studio With Botanical Artist Jenny Kiker

A green tropical plant known for large leaves with deep slits and holes, the monstera plant makes a statement in any room. But in botanical artist Jenny Kiker’s Delray Beach studio, the monstera serves as a baseline. That plant, she says, helped her find her voice, got her 169,000 Instagram followers and gave her icon status […]

Inside the Studio with Mural Artist Erica Group

Erica Group, a sunshiny 30-year-old, giggles that she can’t fit into her favorite painting jeans anymore. The prolific artist is on the brink of having her first baby, and even her comfy old Levi’s, spattered like a Jackson Pollock with years of paint, need to adjust to the momentous event. Her baby’s arrival coincides with […]

Inside the Studio with Photographer Chris Leidy

Christopher Pulitzer Leidy, 37, was born into Palm Beach royalty, as grandson to the legendary designer Lilly Pulitzer and her newspaper tycoon husband Peter Pulitzer. When it comes to creating his own visual expressions of paradise, Leidy departs from his famous family’s signature preppy aesthetic. His eccentric nature and casual style—he has a tattoo that […]

Inside the Studio with Kristen Summers

Tucked away in the spare room of her Tallahassee home, watercolorist Kristen Summers is sprawled out on the floor in leggings and a T-shirt, surrounded by candles. She’s combing through her cherished old Audubon books, looking for inspiration and trying to channel whatever kind of mood she’s in. This is a ritual, meant to conjure […]

Inside the Studio with Kelly Joy Ladd

Some of the most influential moments in Kelly Joy Ladd’s life happened in high school, when she worked as a performer at Disney World. She recalls how enthralled she was backstage with the intricacies and designs of the costumes. “It really helped me create and build my imagination,” she says. “I saw these world-class designs […]

Inside the Studio with The Merger

In the balmy, humid climate of Havana, Cuba, contemporary art springs from the hearts and hands of passionate artists making statements as political as they are visually striking. Amid the tropical environment and dynamic culture that Americans are slowly coming to know as tensions with Cuba continue to ease, a talented duo turns out works that […]

Inside the Studio with Gordie Hinds

The business stationery at Gordie Hinds Santa Rosa Beach studio is imprinted with the words “Artist. Angler. Misanthrope.” To try and understand Hinds is to appreciate how those three words relate to him. First, nothing about the 61-year-old’s past suggests that he’s an artistic savant. After all, the self-taught painter, whose artwork has graced the […]