Monthly Archives: September 2021

Your New Favorite Three-Day Fried Chicken Recipe

This traditional Southern comfort food gets a serious facelift from a refined soul food spot in Miami.

Bird, Bird, Bird…

Around our office we like to joke that “the bird is the word,” because no other publication comes close to capturing the spirit and amplifying the voice of real Florida like Flamingo. Over the past five years, Floridians have shown us that they believe in the power of great Sunshine State storytelling. They crave a beautiful […]

Sisters in Life and in Surfing

The 23rd-annual Sisters of the Sea Surf Classic and Beaches Go Green Pro-Am Presented by Eidon elevates racial diversity along with female empowerment with its all-female surf contest.

Where to Find the Last Slice of Solitude (and Homemade Pie) in Florida

Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches remain a place that feels like it did decades ago, and that’s what locals say keeps it special.