Monthly Archives: September 2020

It’s Official: Florida’s Restaurant Scene is Way Underrated

And we have an idea about the troubled James Beard Awards…

Reader’s Choice: 14 More Books Every Floridian Should Have

Our first list stirred some controversy, so we made another—curated entirely by you.

The Quiet Demise of Florida’s Room

A space where we shared memories and the afternoon sun is becoming extinct.

Can We Really Salvage the James Beard Awards?

As the foundation that runs America’s most venerated restaurant awards rethinks its process, it’s time to wonder why Florida and chefs of color keep getting snubbed.

The Rod and Girl Club

In the ultimate girls’ fishing getaway, these lady anglers run boats, spear fish, land lobsters and hope to pass along their love of the sea to their daughters.

Three Florida Athletes Rediscover Their Sport During COVID-19

A racecar driver, swimmer and runner trade in speed and socialization for silence and solitude