Monthly Archives: August 2020

How the Pandemic Opened a Window to Diane Roberts’ Past

Our columnist chronicles a week in the life of a strict coronavirus quarantiner.

Up Your Salad Game with This Greens & Grains Recipe from Red Rooster Overtown

When you can’t force yourself to eat another Caesar salad, try this simple-yet-delicious alternative from chef Marcus Samuelsson

Want an Early Taste of Red Rooster Overtown? Make the Crispy Bird Dog.

New York City chef Marcus Samuelsson brings his signature soul food to Miami with a distinctly Florida flair

Red Rooster Overtown Didn’t Open as Planned. Instead, It’s Even Better

How renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson changed course to support historic Miami’s Overtown during the pandemic

How Prissy’s Pandemic Garden Became a True Crime Story

How Florida’s Black Widow, a snake and some arsenic converge to form an unlikely friendship in Prissy’s garden

Dark & Dreamy: Inside the World of Artist Alexa Kleinbard

The Tallahassee painter’s works have depicted some of Florida’s oldest most confounding landscapes and their heavenly properties for decades.

A Killer Conversation With Writer-Director Amy Seimetz

A killer conversation with filmmaker and FSU grad Amy Seimetz on her latest film, She Dies Tomorrow, which debuts Friday, August 7.

11 Products We Can’t Live Without this Summer

Whether you’re on the hunt for a flattering swimsuit or a pool float you can fall asleep in, find it all in our Summer Made in Florida roundup

Does Florida’s Water Spring Eternal?

Bottled water companies have been pumping the natural resource from Ginnie Springs for years, but when Nestle wants to up the ante, scientists and activists worry there is nothing left to give.