by The Editors | January 22, 2019

Flamingle: Captains of Conservation

These five Floridians are the voices of florida’s vast ecosystems in dire need of preservation and restoration.



Curry runs the 11 Florida branches of the Surfrider Foundation, an activist group that protects the world’s beaches. She has always loved the sea: growing up the daughter of a Coast Guardsman, she and her family lived near the coasts of Puerto Rico, Guam, Bolivia and Panama. Today, Curry has taken her love of the sea inland, to Tallahassee, where she is able to work closely with the Florida Legislature and elected officials, including U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. Her current focus is combating nutrient pollution, which causes toxic algal blooms on our coasts and waterways, through regulations.

Restoration Reeler

Andrews, owner of Captain Daniel Andrews Charters in Southwest Florida, has spent a lifetime hunting and fishing, giving him a front-row seat to the watershed crisis in the Everglades destroying estuaries across the state. Daily exposure to the damage caused to our waterways by pollution and agricultural runoff inspired him to help found Captains for Clean Water. The nonprofit aims to protect “Florida’s most valuable resource: water.” As executive director, Andrews lobbies for legislation to help fisheries and coastal communities start taking steps toward full restoration.

carlton ward jr.
Wild One

Ward, an eighth-generation Floridian and great-grandson of Florida’s 25th governor, has captured images for National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institute. He turned his focus to Florida in 2009 in response to the ecological issues he discovered while developing his book, Florida Cowboys. Ward twice hiked 1,000 miles across the state to prove that wildlife habitats are connected and should remain that way. The hikes are part and parcel to the Florida Wildlife Corridor campaign, which aims to protect, connect and restore the swaths of land where endangered species live and migrate.


Walters, a full-time brain and spinal researcher at the University of Miami and chairman of the Sierra Club Florida, spends his free time spreading his love for nature. His healthy obsession with wilderness began in 2012 when he started volunteering at the Sierra Club in a program called Inspiring Connections Outdoors, which introduces inner city kids and adults to the natural environment. Walters leads expeditions hiking, kayaking, canoeing  and camping, while feeding his own passion for conservation. His primary goal is to inspire people to continue fighting for better environmental legislation in South Florida.

Legal Eagle

At a young age, Galloni noticed Floridians’ passion for their state’s ecosytems. This inspired her to advocate for environmental issues across the state. After graduating from Yale Law School, the Miami-based managing attorney of the Earthjustice Florida office dedicated her career to the field of environmental law. In a recent victory for Galloni, Earthjustice  represented the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and the League of Women Voters of Florida in a case against Gulf Power. The victory has encouraged the use of clean energy by stopping Gulf Power from dramatically raising fixed monthly charges.