by Maddy Zollo Rusbosin | October 9, 2017

Made in FLA: ArtTECA

Miami sisters wear their art on their sleeves.


Lila green print scarf worn as a top. Photography Wynwood Shutter

For Claudia and Flavia Giardinella, combining the word “art” and the suffix “-teca,” from the Spanish word for “gallery,” was the perfect way to articulate their Miami-based fashion brand ArtTECA’s mission: to transform artists’ works into a textile collection. The sisters, originally from Venezuela, grew up with a deep appreciation of the art world. While Claudia worked with nonprofits, Flavia immersed herself in the New York and Los Angeles art scenes, and the idea for a line of wearable art was born. The sisters engaged artists like Sanford Biggers and Wendy White early on. “We sit down with each artist to look through their work and decide which piece would translate beautifully into textiles and garments,” says Claudia. The limited-edition designs are then printed onto scarves, blouses, and pants. With production based in Miami and a portion of the proceeds going to children’s art education programs, the local community remains at the core of the ArtTECA brand.