by Michael Adno | July 13, 2017

Mighty Fine Time in Micanopy

Plan an unforgettable trip to “the place that time forgot.”



In the center of Micanopy, which was recently named one of America’s 12 cutest towns by the Huffington Post, try the Herlong Mansion (402 N.E. Cholokka Blvd.). This stately gem oozes with charm that harkens back to 1845 to accommodate visitors. The porch and property can slow anyone down, so take a seat behind the Corinthian columns that adorn the neo-classical façade of this bed-and-breakfast and start to unwind. Apart from the Herlong, look through the listings surrounding Micanopy for private homes and cottages. Rise alongside the sun over Tuscawilla Lake or saunter downtown from a bungalow up the street.

Goodies at Mosswood Farm Store and Bakehouse; Photography by Mary Beth Koeth


At the edge of town, along Highway 441, a regional jewel sits at the back of a gas station. The Pearl Country Barbecue (106A N.E. Hwy. 441) is everything a Southerner dreams of when it comes to pig and country fixin’s. The vinyl-topped tables, contoured booths, and plush counter stools set the scene for some of the best brisket, ribs, and pulled pork around. The sides are right up there too. But, most importantly, this is a place where nobody lets you forget to “Take care.” Across the intersection is Blue Highway Pizza (204 N.E. Hwy. 441), a hive-like spot where strangers feel more like friends and the eclectic pizzas make you forget that you’re out in the sticks. Back toward town, next to the Micanopy Historical Society and Museum, sits Mosswood Farm Store and Bakehouse (703 N.E. Cholokka Blvd.). This place cannot receive enough praise. Its aromatic, light coffee would satisfy any snob. And Mosswood fills the gap of vegan and vegetarian options in the area. Its ice cream—well, you won’t find anything more rewarding on a warm day in town.

The Stagecoach Shop in Micanopy; Photography by Mary Beth Koeth


Learn about Micanopy’s past at the Micanopy Historical Society and Museum, off the main drag. At the center of town, stroll through the Micanopy Out Post (205 N.E. Cholokka Blvd.) to find vestiges of the Old South alongside an impressive collection of Florida Highwaymen paintings. There are few painters who could capture the aura of an ebbing afternoon light or evening thunderstorm like Roy McLendon or Willie Daniels. At the end of the strip, pick through the endless collection of periodicals, literature, postcards, and antiques at the Stagecoach Stop (110 N.E. Cholokka Blvd.). Antiquarians and design junkies can peruse the collection of vintage and contemporary furnishings at The Shop (210 N.E. Cholokka Blvd.).

Read the full story about Moses Levi, one of Florida’s unsung pioneers, in Micanopy: Secrets and Sanctuary.