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Floridiana: Home Sweet Dome

For decades, a smattering of Star Wars-like igloo-shaped structures off Cape Romano (just south of Marco Island in the Ten Thousand Islands) have attracted throngs of gawkers and inspired numerous rumors. Aliens? Cults? Government secrets? The truth was decidedly less salacious but equally sensational. In 1980, the late Bob Lee, a retired oilman from Gatlinburg, […]

Buttermilk Pie by Chef Jason Stocks

Read the Chef’s full story here. BUTTERMILK PIE WITH NAVEL ORANGE BUTTERSCOTCH, STRAWBERRY RHUBARB COMPOTE AND VANILLA ICE CREAM SERVES 8 BUTTERMILK PIE 1 pie crust 1 1/8 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 2 sticks of unsalted butter, cold and diced 1 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 cup ice water egg wash PREPARATION: Combine […]

Making Waves for Our Waters

There are plenty of Florida-based environmental groups you can support with time or money—after you make sure you’re comfortable with their interests and resource allocation, of course. Some are local branches of well-known national or global organizations, such as the Sierra Club. Others are less recognizable but just as active. Here, three reputable water-focused groups […]

Mighty Fine Time in Micanopy

DIGS In the center of Micanopy, which was recently named one of America’s 12 cutest towns by the Huffington Post, try the Herlong Mansion (402 N.E. Cholokka Blvd.). This stately gem oozes with charm that harkens back to 1845 to accommodate visitors. The porch and property can slow anyone down, so take a seat behind […]

The Spread: Congaree and Penn Farm

Fifteen miles from Jacksonville’s urban core, blacktop highways turn into dusty country roads that lead to five one-acre rectangular rice paddies on a 220-acre farm called Congaree and Penn. This sprawling slice of rural heaven, lined with Spanish moss–covered live oaks and hopping with feisty, multicolored chickens, has been lovingly tended since January 2014 by […]

Bird’s Eye View: Downtown Stuart

DOWNTOWN STUART BOARDWALK Meander and gander at the St. Lucie River and the Roosevelt Bridge 121 S.W. Flagler Ave. STUART GREEN MARKET On Sunday mornings, this open-air shopper’s delight has local goodies. 121 S.W. Flagler Ave. STUART HERITAGE MUSEUM Step inside this renovated building from 1901 to discover the city’s pioneer and pineapple days. 161 S.W. […]

My Florida: Big Cypress National Preserve

In 2004, hurricanes savaged the Gulf Coast. Charley, Frances and Ivan cut deadly swaths across Florida. Though the roof of our 1968 house on the Intracoastal had been mauled and we were evacuated from our home twice that year, our community in Clearwater Beach was mainly safe. My husband Jeff and I were relatively new […]

Hello, Governors!

The list of head-honcho wannabes is growing like a weed on both sides of the political fence. So meet ’em before they get pulled, mowed over or worse.

Vero Beach: Where the Finer Things Are

EAT Citrus Grillhouse Fresh-off-the-boat seafood prepared with citrus-infused ingredients (not to mention decadent truffle fries) makes this upscale restaurant a Vero favorite. 1050 Easter Lily Lane Osceola Bistro Vero Beach native Christopher Bireley sources largely from local farms and offers daily ceviche specials for the innovative menu at this downtown restaurant. 2045 13th Ave. […]