by the Editors | April 16, 2017

Bird’s Eye View: Mt. Dora

Though its name slightly exaggerates the hilly topography, this small lakeside charmer gets big attention for a peppy New England-esque pedestrian area.

Illustration by Leslie Chalfont

Illustration by Leslie Chalfont

  1. HISTORIC DONNELLY HOUSE Lacey Queen Anne details trim this creamy confection of a home, built in 1893 by a founder of the town, that’s occasionally open for viewing. 535 N. Donnelly St. 
  2. LE PETIT SWEET Regulars say nothing’s diminutive about the taste of the mini cheesecakes, pies and cupcakes—not to mention the fresh-made macarons and cream puffs. 110 W. 5th Ave. 
  3. CECILE’S FRENCH CORNER When Paris isn’t in the budget, get a buttery crepe or quiche fixe at this tucked-away Francophile’s oasis. 237 W. 4th Ave. 
  4. MAGGIE’S ATTIC Party on with a 20-wine tasting at this vino and beer cellar—which takes strolling and sipping guests to multiple neighborhood venues. 237 W. 4th Ave. 
  5. GOBLIN MARKET An eatery decked out with erudite bookshelves specializes in Florida seafood dishes, such as spiny lobster ciopinno, seared pompano and grilled mahi.
    330 Dora Drawdy Way 
  6. VILLAGE COFFEE POT Rotating latte specials, like white chocolate maple and banana nut mocha and home-made ice cream, keep the caffeine buzz and sugar high interesting.
    425 N. Donnelly St. 
  7. 1921 BY NORMAN VAN AKEN Well-known Florida chef Van Aken elevates southern cooking by using Sunshine State ingredients and funky flavor fusions. 142 E. 4th Ave. 
  8. MODERNISM MUSEUM Carved wood furniture masterpieces by artists Esherick and Nakashima await, as do other works of American fine art and design. 145 E. 4th Ave. 
  9. MERMAID JUICE A wonderfully wacky combo of rare beer picks—on draft and in bottles—and antiques offers shoppers check-out possibilites like a 6 iron and a six pack. 458 N. Highland St. 
  10. NORM’S PALETTE Take an al fresco painting lesson, nosh on flavorful tapas and savor sophisticated wines all in one evening? A winning trifecta! 303 N. Baker St.
  11. MOUNT DORA TROLLEY TOURS Hire a vintage refurbed trolley for a private one-hour narrated loop around the historic areas. 341 Alexander St.