by The Editors | February 24, 2016

The Spread: Moo-vable Feast

Easy entertaining with artisanal cheeses from around the state


With nearly 10 million acres of farmland, our state yields delicious handcrafted cheeses with flavor profiles inspired by our homeland. Enjoy this roundup of farmers’ delights. We taste-tested 11 and selected six of our favorite cheeses plus other Sunshine State goodies.


Photo by Jessie Preza

  1. Florida Cheddar: Winter Park Dairy This cheese’s nice, nutty flavor goes well with locally harvested Palmetto honey (Cross Creek Honey Company).
  2. Loblolly: Cypress Point Creamery This Tomme-style savory is inspired by the Swiss and French Alps, but we’re glad it’s made much closer.
  3. Miami Spice: Winter Park Dairy Probably the prettiest choice, the mellow cayenne and paprika marbling subtly satisfy in this cheddar.
  4. Sawgrass: Cypress Point Creamery
    An earthy, toned-down Swiss-style cheese minus the big holes.
  5. Bleu Sunshine: Winter Park Dairy A hard blue cheese that can be easily crumbled into big chunks and popped into your mouth for a tangy treat.
  6. Pepper Jack: Wainwright Dairy Punctuated with tiny bits of jalapeño pepper, this choice was
    the spiciest of the bunch.
  • Locally sourced snacks: Kosher Dill and Half Sour Pickles (Olive My Pickle); Fiesta Flax Crackers, Living Spiced Pumpkin Seeds and Cheezy Kale Chips (Shakti Life Kitchen)