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Editor’s Note: Finding Flamingo

There’s no shortage of groundbreaking, protest-inducing, ridiculous—dare I say iconic—headlines, cases and Supreme Court rulings that originate in Florida. The events and people in our state have the uncanny ability to become household names: hanging chads, Elian Gonzalez, Terri Schiavo, Casey Anthony, Trayvon Martin. Even the once revered CIA director and retired Army general David […]

Just Jeanette

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio shot into the national political stratosphere last year as a young Republican presidential candidate and the latest personification of the American Dream, this time for the nation’s Latin-American community. But back at home in Miami, his wife of 17 years, Jeanette Rubio, keeps that dream alive with a starkly grounded day-to-day routine, […]

The Spread: Moo-vable Feast

With nearly 10 million acres of farmland, our state yields delicious handcrafted cheeses with flavor profiles inspired by our homeland. Enjoy this roundup of farmers’ delights. We taste-tested 11 and selected six of our favorite cheeses plus other Sunshine State goodies. Photo by Jessie Preza Florida Cheddar: Winter Park Dairy This cheese’s nice, nutty flavor goes […]

The Spread: Rare Bird

Surprise guests by pouring this alternative to a rum and Coke cocktail at your next spring gathering. The Jungle Bird swoops onto the palate with a formidable tangle of flavors, equal parts bitter and sweet. Concocted with rum that has been infused with blackstrap molasses, the aperitif makes a statement with or without its kitschy […]

My Florida: Beach Boy

I have so many great memories from my childhood in Florida. When I was growing up outside Washington, D.C., we used to go to Palm Beach to visit my Grandma Rose [Kennedy] every year, probably for two to four weeks. We had a house at 1095 North Ocean Boulevard. We went to St. Edward’s Catholic […]

Iconic Florida

Florida endures as a land of wonderment. Here, we celebrate the iconic Sunshine State’s draws, ranging from its scenery to theme parks.

Holy Ships: The Story of two Fabled Boat-Building Families Rybovich & Merritt

Sportfishing boats are big, the bucks it takes to buy them, even bigger, but the universe of clients who can afford these stately battlewagons is small. Each year, about 20 custom boatbuilders vie for fewer than 30 elite customers who will spend $5 million to $10 million each to commission a luxury, made-to-order fishing yacht, which […]

The Table: ATHL-EATS

Our editorial team scoured the state and chose five of Florida’s top jocks (and jock bosses) we’d like to gather around the Flamingo table. Get to know these sporty figures. They’ll make for great coffee talk this spring. Donna Orender The “Slam Dunker” The former WNBA president and all-American collegiate basket-baller turned business consultant shoots nothing but […]

Plume: 7 Must-Reads for Every Floridian

Steve Berry, best-selling author, travels the world researching his next big book idea and plotting intricate storylines while at the same time fighting to save historic buildings and mentoring aspiring authors through his writers’ workshops. So perhaps the biggest shock for fans of this writer of thrillers (and St. Augustine resident) is that he still […]