by Maddy Zollo Rusbosin | September 12, 2017

Made in FLA: Kruzin Footwear

A bold designer helps a Miami-inspired shoe brand put its best foot forward


Designer Alessandra Gold. Photography Tommy Chung

Brazilian-born Alessandra Gold had her aha! moment while she was running fashion boutiques in Rhode Island. “I saw how so many women had trouble dressing their bodies,” says Gold. “But when it came to shoes, feeling skinny or fat was never an issue.” This realization spurred Gold to travel to Brazil, where she spent time learning the craft at a shoe factory. Later, she launched a collection of heels that eventually expanded into fashionable sneakers. Before long, her pieces were flying off the shelves.

Spikes abound in in Gold’s latest line. Photography GSA House

Her creative flair caught the attention of global sneaker brand Kruzin, which recruited her to revamp its entire line. Gold, based in Miami, is the brand’s creative director and a business partner—a first for a woman in the sneaker industry. The edgy, colorful Kruzin designs aren’t meant to be athletic wear, yet the shoes’ prices are more modest than those demanded by high-end designers who dabble in tennis shoes. “The lifestyle of the brand is rooted in Miami,” explains Gold. “And we have a daredevil as our logo, since you should only wear shoes you like and always take risks.” Each year, she produces an Art Basel series; this fall, Kruzin is rolling out an apparel line that reflects the label’s bold approach to city style.